Friday, July 19, 2002

What is the real story about the Council for Foreign Relations (CFR)? The CFR is some kind of thinktank which includes Henry Siegman and former Mossad official David Kimche - two well-informed individuals who write disingenous-sounding pro-Palestinian op-eds in Jpost and elsewhere .... (Daniel Pipes is also a member).

Zeev Schiff says that the US State Dept. has enlisted the CFR to produce a study on how to bring about a Palestinian State according to the scheme outlined by Pres. Bush.

The CFR study ignors the violence of the past 2 years (except for the Palestinian demand for a "veto" over IDF reserves callup). Demilitarization is termed "political aggression" etc. etc.

Schiff also says that Yossi Beilin, is "negotiating" with Palestinians over the fate of Palestinian refugees (perhaps in the context of the anti-democratic "shadow cabinet" described by the UK Guardian). This man has more nerve than is imaginable.

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