Friday, July 19, 2002

Media Stuff Here's an interesting article about the reaction of the global media to the Wednesday Tel Aviv bombing. The BBC determined that Israelis were living in a "virtual curfew" (that's news to us) and that "Israeli sources", not simple facts, had indicated there had been a terror attack. CNN as well said that "Israeli sources are calling this a terror attack".

The BBC "virtual curfew" remark might have been due to the fact that Wednesday night was a bit quiet since it was the "9th of Av", on which Judaism commemorates the destruction of the Temple and Jerusalem. But the Western Wall was crowded.

A couple of articles think that the international media, NGOs etc. are giving more consideration for the moment to the Israeli point of view (here's one). He thinks that the Bush speech is a factor.

The French magazine Le Nouvel Observateur addresses its misreporting of events in Jenin:
Journalists are only human and they can err. The same is true of interviewees. Abu Ali had related that his children were dead, because he really believed that.

"It is our task to publish. There is no call to publish a correction or a denial

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