Monday, July 15, 2002

Here's an interesting article about a westernized Arab woman's reactions to IDF actions (especially roadblocks) at the edge of Jerusalem. I think that the article tries to create sympathy for her while mocking her shallowness, but what I find interesting is that she still doesn't see Arafat or the PA as being in any sense responsible for the current situation, and that she has the familiar "you go first" attitude:

"Peace is dead. I don't want peace anymore. I want freedom. I want freedom first of all. That's what I need. I need freedom. Only after I get it can I decide if I want peace and how to behave with my neighbor. But first, my freedom. After you give me my freedom, maybe we'll talk about peace."

I haven't had much to say about the Sari Nusseibeh affair - that's partly because the media here hasn't been giving it a lot of attention. The weekend papers were much more interested in the now dead "Jewish village" bill. It might be that Nusseibeh has a higher profile abroad than he does here.

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