Tuesday, July 16, 2002

A reporter from Jpost accompanied Labor Party leader Binyamin Ben-Eliezer on his degrading trip to Egypt (report) - and got a glimpse of the place where Mohamed Hadayet grew up:

..."Israel" and "Israelis" don't even exist there. Except for a polite few, the Egyptian security and journalists all referred to us as "the Jews."


An Egyptian Television reporter who gave her name as Annette Simeri took the microphone and with a straight face asked: "Is it true that the Israeli government reached an agreement with the American administration based on freezing the situation on the ground until the American elections take place in November, in return for Republican Congressmen getting all of the Jewish support?" The Israeli journalists laughed.
.... Our supposed ally in the struggle for Middle East peace demonstrates its hostility to us at nearly every turn. Often, it does so in extraordinarily petty ways. Contrary to ordinary protocol, Israeli flags are not flown when Israeli diplomats confer with their Egyptian opposites at Sharm el Sheikh. The Israeli embassy will not be serviced for its workaday needs by Egyptian plumbers, bricklayers and the like. Israeli doctors must be flown to Cairo to treat embassy personnel, as Egyptian doctors refuse to do so.

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