Monday, January 27, 2003

Saeb Erekat's remark that the IDF action in Gaza is part of Sharon's election campaign (report) is probably best ignored. Unfortunately it's not obvious to a lot of people around the world how much it's a bunch of crock. For most Israelis, the IDF's strike in Gaza, as well as the rocket attacks on Sderot (in Israel proper) that provoked it, are all too familiar to even get noticed much. And the far right's criticism of Sharon is that he is flirting with the notion of a Palestinian state - they're not accusing him of soaking up attacks without responding. And anyway Likud is probably more concerned about Shinui than about the far right.

Powell's remark that Israel must offer Palestinians more than a "phony state diced into a thousand different pieces" is frustrating because it suggests that he agrees with those who are trying to rewrite the history of Camp David.

Two days left before the election. Walking around J-lem today, it seemed to be the maverick parties that had people out on the streets: Shinui, Herut, and Green Leaf...

Friday's Haaretz English edition included an ad from the leftist Meretz party. It listed the party's positions on a variety of social issues. On the Palestinian issue, all they could muster was:

We can feel safe again - by the immediate construction of an effective security fence and by exhausting every possibility for a political accord.

"exhausting every possibility" ?!? Hmmm .... so not even Meretz is willing to come out and say that they think peace with the Palestinians (or even a peace agreement) is a possibility.

I'm not going to be voting this time. I'm forced to make a business trip of sorts to the US (though I'm still unemployed).