Monday, July 15, 2002

There's some incentive for you... "Members of Congress tried to lure me with a Nobel prize if I agreed to their wish for me to visit Jerusalem to achieve a breakthrough in the crisis," said Hosni Mubarak to a Kuwaiti newspaper (details).

You don't need MEMRI to see the nonsense that Arab newspapers feed their readers. This article claims that "Israeli analysts" say that Ariel Sharon is trying to provoke a war with Syria so that he can implement "transfer" (no Israelis are actually quoted).

The same site has an interesting interview with Sari Nusseibeh where he gently recommends that Palestinians limit attacks on Israeli civilians to the West Bank/Gaza; and grudgingly accepts that Israel will never accept large numbers of refugees into its pre-1967 borders. But he recites the same old mantras about Palestinian victimhood:
To make things clear, I said what is going on is partly a Palestinian action but mostly is an offensive war launched against the Palestinian people.
I think we should notice that we are facing a real Israeli offensive war, which aims at destroying the Palestinian project.
I said many times before and repeat it here that what is going on now is mostly an Israeli action; it is an offensive Israeli war and what we do is just an attempt to defend ourselves.

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