Thursday, March 21, 2002

They're now saying 2 killed and 87 wounded(4 seriously). According to the Post, today's suicide bomber Mohammed Hashaieka had been arrested by the PA but was recently released.

Another factoid for people who still think that Arafat opposes this.
So they're now saying 30 injured: 5 "critically" and 7 "seriously".

Blabbermouths around the globe will claim that if Israel merely soaked up these attacks without responding, or if we unilaterally withdrew from West Bank and Gaza, these attacks would stop. I simply cannot fathom the thought processes of these know-it-alls.
I'm sitting at my desk at work and all of a sudden I hear that chaotic "open phone line" thing that they have on the radio when there's been an attack. doesn't have anything. But does..... another suicide bomber downtown. So I call my wife. Her cellphone is off. I call at home and the line is busy. She's probably online.

Tuesday, March 19, 2002

A comparatively quiet day here in Israel today, but the Jerusalem Post lists these incidents that don't register on the radar of the international media :

11:10 Security forces arrested two Palestinians in the Mouassi area of Gaza after discovering an explosives workshop and explosive devices in the house of one of them.

18:45 Palestinian forces opened fire on an Israeli bus heading towards the Netzarim settlement in the central Gaza Strip.

19:00 Kassam missiles fired from Gaza crash in an open field near Kibbutz Zikim, south of Ashkelon

19:20 Security forces apprehend two Palestinians carrying a bag containing an explosive vest, fragmentation grenades, and light arms on the Ta'anachim road just three kilometers south of Afula.

20:15 IDF kills gunman standing at entrance to Gush Katif with grenades and an assault rifle.

Monday, March 18, 2002