Friday, December 06, 2002

Michel Visser writes that Gretta Duisenberg has been awarded the Flemish Human Rights Prize. Duisenberg is an uncritically pro-Palestinian activist who keeps tossing off tasteless anti-Jewish remarks.

Can someone in Belgium describe how Duisenberg is viewed in the Flemish media?

Thursday, December 05, 2002

American researchers invented the Internet. Instant Messaging (ICQ) and the first commercial firewall (Checkpoint) were developed in Israel. Europe hasn't done much in the Internet field, though Scandinavian companies lead the cellular industry.

But here's a (jealous?) European fellow on a technical email list using the now familiar anti-american boilerplate to blame the US for slow changes in the global data network.

Wednesday, December 04, 2002

The EU is threatening to end its diplomatic relations with Hamas (report). This expression of basic decency would actually be "brave" of the EU, since carrying it out would encourage terror attacks by Islamic groups - so I doubt that they will follow through.

Moratinos added the EU "has reached the conclusion that there can't be any dialogue between the sides while terror and suicide attacks are taking place in Israel."
My gosh how sensible.. Is that now the EU's policy? Funny thing is that Amram Mitzna - the first Labour leader to advocate negotiations "under fire" and unilateral partial cave-in to Palestinian demands (ie. without a peace agreement or "end to the conflict") - is soon to be warmly fete-d in the UK at the invitation of Tony Blair (report)

Hamas faces a clear choice between the Turkish model, of democratic Islam, and the Al-Qaida model. If it chooses the second model, the EU will cut its ties, drop out support and end our aid to it."
"end our aid" ? To Hamas ?!? Doesn't Moratinos realize that Hamas "chose the second model" by 1994 or earlier.

Monday, December 02, 2002

Here's a detailed report on what is now known about the accidental shooting of UNRWA worker Iain Hook by the IDF.

Hook and the others in the building had been huddling on the floor in a "container" building while the IDF exchanged gunfire with Palestinian gunmen hiding near the compound (the account knows of no Palestinian gunfire originating from within the UNRWA compound). At one point, Hook stood up, lit a cigarette, and exited the container while carrying his cellphone - at this point he was shot by the IDF sniper. Hook arrived at the hospital within half an hour of being shot, and there seems to be little basis to accusations that the IDF delayed the ambulance.