Monday, April 01, 2002

These days here in Jerusalem, a security guard is posted outside just about every place that you might go. In front of Mega-groceries the other night there were two middle-aged guys standing in front with long guns and their fingers on the trigger. I got stuck for 10 minutes while driving down Emek Refaim because of a roadblock. These roadblocks apparently engage in"racial profiling", since many people were getting waved through - though yours truly was stopped and "carded".

Today I was in a computer shop when news of the suicide bombing in Haifa went out. After that, the live radio report was everywhere that I went and made everyone jumpy and irritable. It's better to be at work where I get this info from the web.

Maariv reported that 93% of Israelis support the current actions against the Palestinian Authority. I'm one of them of course... I just hope that the people in charge have a well thought out plan for the different contingencies(a "decision tree" I guess).

What I've seen in American and European media is a total disconnect between what Israel is doing in Ramallah and the 60 or so Palestinian bombings of the past month. Let me inform anyone reading that it is in fact the case that the latter that has predicated the former. Instead of saying "Arafat hangs up on CNN to dodge terrorism question", an AP dispatch said that he "criticized pro-Israeli bias".

I really truly sincerely would like to understand these Europeans who have come here to express solidarity with Arafat.

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