Thursday, April 04, 2002

One person in my office received a tzav kria (call-up notice) - he photocopied it and tacked it on his bulletin board. The guy is a communications officer and is getting called up for a period of 3 wks starting several days off.

According to the Jerusalem Post, IDF chief Mofaz says that the current operation will take 4 wks. to complete - which is interesting because some Israeli pundits say that we need to finish much quicker than that.

It sounds like CNN is making exciting TV about the Bethlehem standoff. Haaretz says that the IDF is still denying having damaged the church complex - CNN's claim notwithstanding.

I'm much more interested in exactly what the operation is accomplishing (or not): Is the IDF killing or capturing Fatah and Hamas leadership? How much materiel and potentially informative documents are being uncovered? Do the Palestinian casualties consist mostly of combatants (it seems that way, because if it weren't, CNN et. al. would be making sure that we heard about it)?

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