Tuesday, April 02, 2002

Reports are that 20,000 IDF reservists are being called up with another 11,000 in the offing. None of my friends have been called up so far, though when I return to work on Thursday I'm sure some people will be in miluim (as we call it). My brother-in-law has a 40-ish tank-engineer Orthodox friend with 7 kids who has been called in; he also has a woman friend who is distraught over 2 of her sons who are again on active duty.

After I dropped off my brother-in-law by the buses at Binyanei Hauma last night, I saw a lot of emergency vehicles racing about. Turned on the radio (station Galgalatz), but all that I heard was Peter Gabriel. It was on the hourly news 10 minutes later that they mentioned the "thwarted" suicide bomber near the Russian Compound who "only" managed to blow up himself and the Border Policeman who stopped his vehicle.

I went to a DVD rental place and they still don't have a security guard. Watched half of a really bad Keanu Reeves movie, then switched to an old Simpsons episode (comic relief is important in times like this).

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