Friday, April 05, 2002

Beautiful day today. Went for a walk down Emek Refaim and things seemed close to normal - it seems that now it only takes a couple of days of relative quiet to get people to go out again.

The bi-weekly crafts fair was happening. There's still lots of security: guards at storefronts, police, roadblocks. A cafe had a friendly looking security guard out front wearing a bright blue long sleeve shirt and an exposed pistol. And the media is around... I saw 2 camera crews (I think one was British; the other spoke French) .. and a car with multiple Danish flag stickers and "TV" written with masking tape on the side.

This latter trick (the "TV" thing) is done I think by most journalists that drive around the Palestinian territories. At the risk of oversimplifiying, it's code for "don't shoot me".

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