Sunday, April 14, 2002

Some flippant but disturbing thoughts about the human Jihad bombers:

1. It's going to be harder to carry out a suicide bombing now that summer is on the way. Wearing a jacket in late April looks pretty suspicious here.

2. A woman whom I met says that when she is at the university, she walks around imagining a "boom" every so often - so that she won't panic if it actually happens.

3. Someone else who I spoke to says that he thinks of suicide bombings like traffic accidents. They can happen to anyone at anytime, but you can improve your odds by being careful.

4. It's said that there is an unlimited supply of potential Jihad bombers among the Muslims in the West Bank. But what will happen when those kids who are singing "I want to be a shaheed" in kindergarten turn 16 or 17?

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