Thursday, April 18, 2002

A fellow from Iceland emailed me and claimed that Israel had committed "war crimes" - specifically:

They shot 50 pal. after they had laid down theyr arms.What do you call that?

I replied that I didn't believe it and asked him for his source. He responded to me twice without providing a source.

I guess it was something that he just heard on TV.

Many of the Israeli soldiers fighting in Jenin are reservists. Combat reservists come from all walks of life and include leftists, as well as people who I know personally. These people are now talking to the media and soon there will be a balanced account of what happened in Jenin.

Today's Jerusalem Post speaks to a reservist who is actually an employee of the newspaper's website(here):

"We covered 600 meters in three days due to the intense gun battles," he said.


"One of the women told us there was no one else in the house, but when we told them to remain in the room she called out to her husband that soldiers were inside and told him to run away. They began shooting at us - soldiers in a house opposite opened fire and killed them," ....

"In another incident we reached a house toward nightfall and called on the occupants to step outside. They did and then a group of three men came out later. We asked them to lift their shirts, two did but the third one didn't and turned to the side and tugged a chord in order to activate explosives. We shot him. He was one and a half meters from us," he said.

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