Sunday, April 14, 2002

For good descriptions of the actual situation on the ground in the West Bank, the best sources that I've found are Arieh O'Sullivan's dispatches in the Jerusalem Post, and Zeev Schiff's analysis column in Haaretz. I will try to provide links to these as they appear. Here's one and another. The Haaretz dispatches are useful also, just watch out for Amira Hass who has the habit of reporting unsubstantiated (and often false) allegations from "Palestinian sources" .

The most accurate reports currently are that there are about 200 Palestinian dead resulting from IDF operations in the West Bank - most of these are gunmen associated with the Hamas/Fatah/Tanzim etc. groups. That means that (unintentional) civilian casualties from the IDF operations are fewer in number than the (106 or so) Israeli civilians shot and blown up by the proud "martyrs" of the aforementioned groups in the previous month.

Arab spokesmen who criticize the way the IDF conducted its campaign in Jenin are breathtakingly hypocritical. How can they preach to Israel that it must put its soldiers at risk to protect Palestinian civilians while at the same time praising and egging on their heroic Jihad bombers?

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