Wednesday, June 11, 2003

30 casualties, including some dead, in a bus bombing downtown around 20 minutes ago (Jpost, Haaretz)

The bombing was on the #14, which runs down Emek Refaim (the central throughfare in my neighborhood). I hope that none of my friends were on the bus.

I'm certain that the international blah-blahs will say this is a consequence of Israel's attempted hit on Hamas leader Rantisi yesterday. But that's nonsense since an attack like this can't be planned overnight. Earlier today I heard that 10 suicide attacks had been foiled since Abu Mazen's Aqaba declaration. The international blah-blahs don't notice them at all, just like they don't notice Kassam rockets fired on Sderot and barely noticed the 2 Fatah/Hamas attacks on the IDF that immediately followed the supposed ceasefire declaration.

I had spent the afternoon (working) in a quiet cafe downtown near the Eastern end of Yafo Rd (the bombing was at the Western end of Yafo). I got into a taxi in front of the Mashbir dept. store around 17:30. My spouse T. called a few minutes after I got home and told me about the attack. T. didn't sound concerned as she knows that I generally don't ride the buses.

The bombing happened at the bus stop in front of the "Clal building" - which is an unattractive mall + office tower that's adjacent to the Mahane Yehuda market. It houses the gov't unemployment office and Macabi health services.

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