Friday, December 20, 2002

Jane Fonda visited terror victims at Hadassah hospital here in Jerusalem instead of just going to visit Palestinians. Good for her ... but today's Jpost shows her meeting with leftist MKs Naomi Chazan and Yael Dayan. She should also try to hear from Israelis who have a more "typical" perspective.

Here's an article about a training course for foreigners who come here to support the Palestinians against the IDF (ie. what the media calls "peace activists"). They sign an agreement committing themselves to non-violence, are told to avoid drinking and other behaviours that could offend the Palestinians, and be
"sensitive and respectful" about suicide bombing. They call the IDF the "Israel Occupation Force" and refer to the under-construction security fence as the "wall of apartheid".

Some of the volunteers sound incredibly naive. A 25-yr. old convert to Islam wants to go to Gaza because "that's where the action is". A 26 yr. old from Cambridge, England came to Israel to visit the Temple Institute (a Jewish organization that studies Temple rituals in order to be ready for the Messiah) - while he was here he decided to volunteer with Adam Shapiro's loony International Solidarity Movement.

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