Thursday, October 10, 2002

Please bear with me while I deal with various issues that demand a lot of attention.

On the Channel 2 news tonite they described today's scene where 2 men pinned down the suicide bomber but then released him, enabling him to complete his attack which killed a 71-yr. old grandmother. Channel 2 talked about how difficult it is for security officials and bystanders to decide what to do. What would have happened if someone had shot the would-be bomber while he was pinned down?

I didn't manage to piece together what happened in Khan Yunis earlier this week - maybe the weekend papers will do that.

Question to my regular readers: Do you read Jpost and/or Haaretz on a daily basis? To Dash: can you send me your email address?

One of the best segments at last night's concert (see immediately below), was Steve Hancoff doing a steel guitar rendition of the old Hebrew folk song Shir Haemek.

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