Thursday, August 01, 2002

This morning, representatives of Greece, the EU, and another European country visited the site of yesterday's bombing. The Greek official said that this attack shows that citizens of any nations can be victims of terror, not just Israelis. Lots of memorial candles have been placed at the scene; and there were a couple of small, silent, demonstrations (one directed at the university administration's security policies, the other against the government's failure to prevent the bombing) (IDF Radio)

On the radio they also interviewed an Arab-Israeli Hebrew U. law professor(didn't catch his name) who expressed his distress at the bombing while remaining calm and measured. He lost his composure, however, when he was asked for his views about an article in Yediot Aharonot (hebrew) that says many Arab students have expressed degrees of satisfaction about the bombing - the professor said that it insults him personally and removes his humanity when people begin to make broad generalizations.

Another Israeli was shot at close range while apparently on business in the West Bank. This time near Tulkarm.
Update: He is now said to have been kidnapped from inside the Green Line (report)

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