Monday, July 29, 2002

Laurence Simon reports a "Reuterian slip": the news agency wrote that in the Hebron violence "The settlers provoked the settlers".

I had been waiting for Zeev Schiff's comments on the Shehade killing. Here they are. Schiff says that there have been incidents in the past where the IDF let its enthusiasm for a high-value target overwhelm its operational sensibilities. He mentions in passing that Shehade had 3 wives.

Masters of the obvious Gabriel Danzig explains that the current conflict is senseless, but that it derives from the fact the Palestinian concept of "full justice" ultimately demands the elimination of Israel.

International human rights lawyer Anne Bayefsky wrote an op-ed for the New York Times which criticized the UN and NGOs for a distorted focus on Israel and nonchalance regarding serious human rights violations elsewhere. The Times made her rewrite it so as to avoid criticizing specific organizations and to mention Israel only once. Bayefsky writes about it here (page 12). A summary is here.

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