Sunday, August 25, 2002

This Hebrew article reports the inflammatory rhetoric of Sheikh Raed Salah who led a 45,000 person rally held in Jerusalem today.

Salah said that the slogan of the rally - "al-Aqsa in Danger" - refers to the fact that the mosque is surrounded by Israeli security forces and that excavations are being carried out underneath it by the Antiquities Ministry. He also mentioned the arson attempt on the mosque in 1969 (apparently forgetting that an Australian Protestant was responsible). In actual fact the Islamic Wakf has untrammeled control over the mosque and the Temple Mount, and have been carrying out excavations which have damaged the site's external wall as well has archeological remnants from the Temple period (report).

This well-designed pro-Islam anti-democracy UK site seemed surreal to me. In the discussions of Islam in Europe I've yet to see mention of a book called "1985" by Anthony Burgess which depicts a UK dominated by Islam and labour movements.

Update: Here's the Haaretz article in English.

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