Wednesday, August 28, 2002

According to this article, attention in the Arab world and media has abandoned the Palestinians as it focuses on Iraq. Despite all indications to the contrary, Arab media interprets American hostility to Iraq primarily as cultural and political imperialism. It doesn't seem to register that the US is specifically concerned with Saddam Hussein and the proliferation of non-conventional weapons.

"EU president Denmark wants Palestinian state by 2005"... Danish Foreign Minister Per Stig Moeller didn't say "come hell or high water", but it sounds like that's what he means. According to Moeller

"It is necessary through parallel progress on security, economic and political matters to strengthen the Palestinians' faith that an independent state is within reach and Israel's faith that they can finally achieve security within their own borders,"

It sounds like Moeller just came out of a meeting with Yossi Beilin and some other constituency-free Israeli dreamers - signing a few more documents could indeed help buoy their much-challenged "faith", but the rest of us know that stability, let alone security, in Israel won't result from establishing a Palestinian state in the West Bank/Gaza.

Here's more on the ongoing attempts to prevent damage or destruction of the wall surrounding the Temple Mount. UNESCO is offering to get involved because the Muslim Wakf responsible for the site refuse to take seriously the assessements of the Israeli Antiquities Ministry - the Wakf says that the assessments are part of a conspiracy against them.

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