Monday, August 05, 2002

Stefan Sharkansky describes what the FBI team investigating the Hebrew U bombing is probably up to.

Imshin tries to understand mindset of the small number of Israelis who are still leftists. She thinks that their dogmatism ultimately stems from their being naive, which is probably true much of the time. I heard an interview on the radio with someone who was asked if it would be morally acceptable to eliminate a terrorist who was on his way to kill her family. Her response was to deny the legitimacy of the question - "You have to ask why he wants to kill my family", she said.

There's also those who think that "the occupation" and acts of self-defense automatically violate some kind of Kantian moral code - regardless of the consequences of the alternatives. The most prevalent type, in my opinion, are the people who can't accept the ugliness of political violence (ie. war) even when it's necessary for self-preservation.

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