Tuesday, August 06, 2002

The Cairo-based Arab Lawyers Union has taken up the cause of Palestinians being detained by Israel. But they don't care whether the detainees are innocents or would-be-Islamikazes. Nor are the lawyers interested in technical issues of jurisdiction...
"We have to liberate this army," [Arab Lawyers' Union Secretary-General] Abu Issa said, saying the detainees were needed to sustain the Palestinian uprising.
There are some American jurists who think likewise:
Lawyer Nancy Hormachea of Berkeley, California, said in Cairo Tuesday that the international legal campaign was launched "to provide legal support for lawyers working inside the occupied territories to defend rights of the detained, secure release and to end occupation. That's the bottom line: to end occupation."

Do the lefties of the International Association of Democratic Lawyers have any problem with the ALU's distributing anti-semitic cartoon pamphlets at the UN's "anti-racism" conference in Durban ?

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