Thursday, July 04, 2002

To readers in the US of A: Happy 4th of July!

This AM on Army Radio there was an interview with senior IDF official Yitzhak Eitan. He confirmed Sharon's remarks that IDF operations in Area A could likely continue for months - though not necessary in the exact same manner as now. He said that the IDF is attempting to ease pressures on the populace, especially in the areas that have less activity of the terrorist organizations (he mentioned Bethlehem, in addition to Jericho where the IDF is not operating at all).

There are remaining wanted persons belonging to all the various Palestinian groups including Fatah, Tanzim, Hamas etc. The PA regular police force is still intact. The motivation to carry out terror attacks still exists, and the information necessary for making bombs is readily available over the internet (he also said TV).

Eitan says that there is not any sense in the West Bank that elections are approaching. When asked whether there were any IDF soldiers who would be prosecuted for vandalism or inappropriate treatment of civilians, Eitan responded generally, that there were a comparatively small number of cases of this type and that they would be dealt with appropriately.

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