Tuesday, July 02, 2002

The IDF has left Kalkilya. Though there are still alerts for terror attacks, things are quiet right now. The news is duller than what we've gotten used to. We hear about the IDF operations in the West Bank but without a lot of detail.

I don't support the IDF remaining permanently in Area A... but obviously any Israeli now feels calmer and safer than he/she did two weeks ago. Also, the level of international condemnation that we receive seems to be constant - that's partly because people feel the need to condemn us whenever they need to excuse an Islamikaze attack.

Yesterday's Maariv newspaper had a full-page "retrospective" on Hamas bomb-maker Muhamed Taher with photos of the dozen or so bombings that he was involved with. In the center of the page was a chart of the Nablus Hamas organization with indications of who the IDF had killed, who they had apprehended, and who was still at large.

On the radio this AM, someone in Gaza was describing the poverty and demonstrations that are happening there. They blame corruption within the PA for preventing contributions from reaching them but stop short of blaming their national symbol Arafat. Many want a return to negotiations and opening of the border with Israel (how many of the people who say this would also say that they support the bombings?). Fatah is said to remain the dominant political organization and only around 30% would vote for Hamas.

Does the International Criminal Court have the equivalent of a "presidential pardon"?

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