Wednesday, June 05, 2002

The bus bombing today was on Route 65, near Afula. Route 65 runs from the Tel Aviv-Haifa highway through Hadera and Umm-al-Fahm (an Israeli Arab town with a 'militant' reputation). At the end it reaches the little town of Afula, which is close to the Green Line and north of Jenin.

It's probably the most dangerous of any commonly-travelled stretch of road here... The driver of today's bombed 830 bus had witnessed 3 other suicide bombings previously. Last year, my spouse and I returned from a weekend in a kibbutz Guest House near Afula via the most direct route - which is the Jordan Valley road straight through the West Bank. When we got home, we decided that we wouldn't take that route again (it was desolate) - then we heard that someone had been shot and killed on Route 65.

If you read Hebrew (and have Hebrew fonts), you might want to look at this message board (there's a few comments in English from Palestinians who come straight from CNN central casting).

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