Tuesday, May 07, 2002

Here in Jerusalem, the past few weeks have been quiet.. ie. free of bombings and shootings. Since it's something that's "not happening", I can forget to mention it.

The extra security that they have everywhere is getting to be routine: when I park my car in a garage they go through the trunk and the backseat and I don't think twice about it. I can walk into a building with someone and submit to a pro forma frisking without interrupting my conversation.

At the same time, we're told that the terrorist organizations are intent on pulling something off so as to show they're still around and kicking. I try and mostly succeed in avoiding worry, but each time I see something in Haaretz news flashes about a foiled attack (or the horrible attack on the Adura settlement), I wonder if the "personal" bad times (as opposed to the current "national" bad times) could be on the way back.

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