Wednesday, May 08, 2002

Andrew Sullivan wrote regarding Pim Fortuyn:

The vicious rhetoric spouted against him by leftist, liberal and even moderate politicians and journalists no doubt contributed to this outcome. I guess I see this a little personally. But no one should doubt that the far left, just as much as the far right, is now among the most intolerant forces in our society. They do everything they can to shut down the views of others, marginalize, blacklist or simply intimidate them. When all else fails, something like this horrific murder happens. I wonder how many leading European liberals, who are so quick to draw connections between speech and action when it comes to traditional hate-crimes, will now ponder whether their own rhetorical extremism has to be tempered somewhat.

And in the same way, the rhetorical extremism of Kofi Annan, Terje Larsen, Andrea Koppel et al. contributed to tonite's chaos here.

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