Friday, March 14, 2003

In the latest violence in Jenin, all 11 of the Palestinian victims were "militants", though you have to read the news carefully to figure that out. And there was a "nationalistic" shooting here in W. Jerusalem that injured 2 (report).

Mustafa Barghouti is another Palestinian spokesman who lies baldfacedly to the Western media and is never challenged. In this article on a Palestinian ambulance driver who tried to smuggle a suicide bomber's belt, Barghouti claims IDF fire has killed 21 doctors and nurses in ambulances. I'm certain this is BS (more later).

I saw Barghouti on the BBC after the Sbarro pizzeria bombing in Aug 2001. Then-PM Barak responded to the bombing by destroying some empty PA buildings (no casualties), and Barghouti went on and on about it was an unprecedented attack on a civilian area and it was only by a miracle that weren't large numbers of civilian casualties.

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