Tuesday, March 19, 2002

A comparatively quiet day here in Israel today, but the Jerusalem Post lists these incidents that don't register on the radar of the international media :

11:10 Security forces arrested two Palestinians in the Mouassi area of Gaza after discovering an explosives workshop and explosive devices in the house of one of them.

18:45 Palestinian forces opened fire on an Israeli bus heading towards the Netzarim settlement in the central Gaza Strip.

19:00 Kassam missiles fired from Gaza crash in an open field near Kibbutz Zikim, south of Ashkelon

19:20 Security forces apprehend two Palestinians carrying a bag containing an explosive vest, fragmentation grenades, and light arms on the Ta'anachim road just three kilometers south of Afula.

20:15 IDF kills gunman standing at entrance to Gush Katif with grenades and an assault rifle.

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