Monday, November 11, 2002

I'm now between employers and still not quite back in the blogging state-of-mind. Here's a couple of interesting links:

The disruption of the Palestinian olive harvest by settlers from Itamar caused a stir in many European foreign ministries. IDF Chief of Staff Moshe Ya'alon personally visited the area and organized the IDF's successful action to stop the harassments. This according to an article from today's Haaretz by Ze'ev Schiff that doesn't seem to be on the Haaretz website.

This rambling article from Friday's Haaretz mentions that the magazine ARTnews - based on a spurious report by UNESCO - falsely reported that an ancient mosque in Nablus had been 80% destroyed during Operation Defensive Shield and imputed malicious intentions to the IDF.

People associated with the settlers who encamped at Havat Gilad have set up a website alleging abuse at the hands of the IDF (I note this because it's interesting, not because I necessarily agree).

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