Monday, October 14, 2002

The Israeli media is talking about preparedness for a strike by Saddam after the Americans attack. Some Tel Aviv residents especially have been making plans to go elsewhere in case of war. I haven't heard much talk from the people around me though... that's probably because Saddam never fired at Jerusalem in '91.

If I had the time and energy right now, the 2 topics that I want to get a handle on are: 1) what is the IDF doing now in Gaza? 2) What's up with the various reports of secret negotiations between Israel and the PA and the informal halt on terror attacks by Fatah.

To me it seems likely that any attempt by Fatah to halt attacks is motivated by the desire to preserve whatever infrastructure that remains. Israel is continuing to hit hard nonetheless, as tonite's surgical hit on Al-Aqsa member Mohammed Abayat in Beit Jala shows. And at the same time the IDF is being very aggressive in Gaza, leaving the impression (only recently - since the Shehade hit in particular) that its desire to eliminate Hamas is leading it to endanger civilians more than it has until now. Though operations in Gaza are probably much more complex than in the West Bank.

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