Tuesday, September 10, 2002

Today on the radio there was a lot of discussion about the foiled restaurant poisoning.

They interviewed some professor of Pharmacy or something who said several other prescription medications can be fatal and undetectable when administered in quantities as small as a milligram or two. There was lots of talk about what kinds of security measures can or should be taken.

Some restaurant owners said that they thought their business might drop off for a few days but would not be affected for long. The restaurant critic for Kol Ha-ir (Jerusalem's equivalent of the Village Voice) said that panic must be avoided because it's not justified (he knows many Arab chefs and food workers), and is precisely what the terrorists want, and recommends that people continue to eat out("at good restaurants, obviously").

Chef Zaid Amram (an Arab) of the Guest House at Kibbutz Ramat Rahel, said that when he and his employees heard about the attempt they were worried about what it would mean for them, but that he felt no suspiciousness from his employers or the kibbutzniks.

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