Wednesday, September 04, 2002

The "relocate-ees" (brother and sister of suicide bomber Ali Ajouri who knew of the bombing plans) are on their way to Gaza. The PA has said that they won't be accepted in, so they might end up stranded at the crossing point.

This article discusses the Israeli Supreme Court's determinations on when such expulsions are justifiable. The criteria are quite fuzzy in the end - with the net result being that only people who are "clearly and convincingly" threatening can be expelled.

The court's decision also neutralizes an initial intent of the expulsions: expelling the families of Islamikazes to Gaza is thought to dissuade a future Islamikaze who might think twice before exchanging his family's comforts for his own 72 virgins, as well as making shaheed-rearing parents a little less proud. The court's decision also leads to the question: why should we expel such people instead of just prosecuting and jailing them? The answer would seem to be that in some cases doing so would compromise sources of intelligence.

This article explains the Court's determination that the West Bank and Gaza are part of the same territory, so that the expulsions constitute a relocation rather than a deportation.

The PA official Saeb Erekat called this a "black day for human rights" ... are there really people who believe that the PA has any real interest in human rights or rule of law?

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