Friday, September 27, 2002

Jpost (print edition) says that one of the attacks whose planning is attributed to Mohammed Deif is the attempted car bombing of a bus full of Israeli schoolchildren in October 1998.

To see how times have changed, take a look at what Time magazine said about that attack:

Later that week, a member of Hamas, the largest Palestinian Islamic group, nearly blew up a bus filled with the school-bound children of Israeli settlers in the Gaza Strip. (An Israeli army jeep escorting the children cut him off, absorbing the blow of his 170-lb. car bomb. The bomber and one soldier died.) "[Arafat] was really panicking about it," said an official who saw him afterward. "Had it been the 40 schoolchildren, it would have been the end of the peace process as we know it."

Back in 1998 people had higher expectations of Arafat.... Nowadays what would it take to force the EU or the columnists in the IHT to concede that the Palestinians have torpedoed the "peace process"?

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