Wednesday, July 24, 2002

Palestinians fired several Kassam rockets and mortars at towns in the Negev, lightly injuring 2 (report).

On the channel 2 news they were saying that Defence Minister Ben-Eliezer's remarks (blogged below) about the Shehade mission in Gaza indicate that he, unlike Sharon, is trying to deflect blame to the IDF.

I have little interest in the obvious differences between this incident and the various types of Palestinian attacks on Israelis; or pointing out the hypocrisy of Palestinian officials etc. or even Ari Fleischer . But I am disturbed by the child casualties, and as various people keep pointing out, the IDF generally holds off when there's the risk of something like this happening. Did the IDF just mess up as Ben-Eliezer seems to be saying? Did it have to do with Shehade being such an important target?

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