Tuesday, July 09, 2002

Additions to the list of opponents of the bill that I described yesterday: President Moshe Katzav and Benny Begin (retired leader of the right-wing Herut party).

This AM they were covering the not-so-exciting ceremony of installing the new IDF chief of staff Moshe Yaalon. Following a revered tradition among Israeli public figures, Yaalon has a nickname that sounds funny to foreigners (ie. "Bougi").

Ms. C.G. has added some new translations to her Updates From Jerusalem site:

Army Radio interviews Fatah official Hussein ah-Sheik, who answers most questions by either expressing support for Jibril Rajoub, opposing the "occupation", or both.

An opinion piece from Maariv reacts viscerally to the Air France affair.

A satirical exchange from Army Radio's "Last word" program.

I came across an encyclopedic site about Israeli pop music that includes lots of sound clips. While the site is all in Hebrew, a broader audience might like to hear Punch (probably the best Israeli power-pop record), Joni Mitchell-eque Mika Karni, Where's the Kid (garage rock), or the chaotic Top Hat Carriers. You can go to the pages and click on the little speakers.

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