Monday, June 17, 2002

Here's an idea for a blogger or journalist: Dig up books and periodicals from 1994-95 and look at how pundits and diplomats envisioned the direction of the Oslo process and the emerging Palestinian Authority.

Specifically, it would be interesting to see what people said about the Palestinian refugee issue and Jerusalem. My general recollection is that it was unthinkable then that the Palestinians might actually demand resettling several million descendents of refugees into Israel's 1967 borders. I recall an anguished article in Harper's by Anton Shammas bewailing how there will be no "return" of refugees.

The "secret" Beilin-Abu Mazen agreement gave Palestinians control of Abu Dis and nominal control of the Temple Mount and its mosque. Has the Palestinians' use of terrorism actually pushed the elite consensus closer to Palestinian demands? The views of people like Thomas Friedman and Henry Siegman would be particularly interesting in this connection.

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