Monday, June 10, 2002

Andrew Sullivan posted a transcript previously, but it's definitely worth hearing this audio of a woman named Chen Keinan whose mother and infant daughter were killed in the Petah Tikva bombing the week before last.

It's obvious that CNN would never broadcast this part of the interview and interesting to think about why (here's the part they did broadcast)

Update: Yediot Acharonot reports: CNN initially asked Chen and Lior Keinan to be interviewed for the "International Hour" program. When the Keinans tuned in to the program (on CNN Europe), they saw that the network had decided to broadcast an interview with the bomber's proud mother instead. In response to repeated complaints, CNN said that the interview with the Keinans had been shown in the US, and would later be shown on CNN Europe on the program "Questions and Answers".

The interview with the bomber's mother was 5 minutes long and was broadcast twice in primetime whereas the interview with Keinan was edited down to 2.5 minutes and not shown in primetime.

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