Friday, May 24, 2002

Sunshine (and camera crews) Today is another one of those beautiful spring days where you can relax as long as you don't think too much about what might be about to happen.

The fuel depot bombing yesterday actually spooked me a fair amount because my work often takes me to the Herzliya Industrial Zone which is very close to the depot site. I avoid going there before 1000 AM because the traffic is so bad. If the attack had been successful, I would have heard about it on the radio while I was on my way there.

I've been trying to confirm the dramatic reports of "what could have happened": if the tanker had been carrying gasoline rather than diesel, or if the tank had exploded rather than just cracking, then adjacent tank trucks and adjacent gas and petroleum depots would explode - creating a fireball that (they say) could destroy everything in a 600 meter radius. The industrial zone has large buildings belonging to US companies including Motorola and Sun Microsystems. The former residence of US ambassador Martin Indyk is not far away. They say that homes would have been damaged in Ramat Aviv Gimel, which is a ritzy area which had a prime time soap-opera named after it.

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