Wednesday, April 10, 2002

First "Jihad" bombing since "Operation defensive shield": Nine dead in Haifa.

Jenin: Palestinian Red Crescent ambulances have still not entered Jenin to clear the Palestinian dead(between 120-200). Israelis claim that the Palestinians have removed the weapons from the dead bodies and left them there to rot so as to give CNN, BBC etc. some especially gruesome footage to accompany the as-always unchallenged assertions of Arab spokesmen. Details here

The front pages of the Israeli papers today all have the pictures of the 15 IDF soldiers killed in Jenin - most due to explosions in booby-trapped buildings. It's reminiscent of the days after terror attacks as the papers always show a "gallery" of snapshots of the victims.

If the IDF really wanted to eliminate the terrorists from the Jenin casbah, they could just blow it up (after warning non-fighters to leave). By conducting operations building-to-building and house-to-house, the IDF chose a mode of operation which increased the risk to its soldiers in order to reduce risk to Palestinians. [Update: see this same point made much better here]

While the Palestinians will scream "massacre"(as they always do), their internal media will portray the Jenin Hamas/Fatah fighters as brave men who chose to fight to the death in order to eliminate a few Israelis.

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