Friday, June 13, 2003

Mainstream Fatah (not Hamas) has claimed responsibility for shooting 2 Israeli women a short while ago (report).
Word on the street is that one of the victims of Wednesday's bombing is the wife of a neighborhood shopkeeper.

It seems that Sharon has thrown off the gloves against Hamas in the wake of the bombing and the PA's promise not to act against them. Some people on Channel 2 news were talking along these lines, and said that this approach has tacit support from the US - in the sense that Sharon would not be continuing the Gaza operations otherwise. But the weekend papers say differently.
This Hebrew-only page describes a conference being held at Tel Aviv U. entitled "The Camp David Summit, 2000: What went wrong? - Lessons for the Future".

Co-sponsored by Sari Nusseibeh's al-Quds University and a TAU institute affiliated with the Peres Center for Peace, the conference (as detailed in Jpost) appears to almost exclusively feature people who were and still are Oslo supporters (eg. Yossi Beilin, Robert Malley, Martin Indyk, Ron Pundak and others). As one would expect from these types, the seminar topics focus on "the process" and "methodological aspects", though there's one session titled "Substantive Issues".

Also included on the roster are PA Security Minister Mohammed Dahlan and uber-spokesliar Saeb Erekat. The Oslo skeptics on the roster include Likud MK Yuval Steinitz and former PM Ehud Barak (if he can be called a skeptic now). Also on the agenda is a message from one "President Clinton".

Wednesday, June 11, 2003

Latest is 15 killed on the bus.
Latest word is 10 dead in the bus bombing. Haaretz news flashes says a IAF helicopter missile hit a car of Hamas guys in Gaza.

How did anyone think it was possible to proceed with the "roadmap" when Abu Mazen's approach to these people is to offer them jobs in the PA security apparatus?
30 casualties, including some dead, in a bus bombing downtown around 20 minutes ago (Jpost, Haaretz)

The bombing was on the #14, which runs down Emek Refaim (the central throughfare in my neighborhood). I hope that none of my friends were on the bus.

I'm certain that the international blah-blahs will say this is a consequence of Israel's attempted hit on Hamas leader Rantisi yesterday. But that's nonsense since an attack like this can't be planned overnight. Earlier today I heard that 10 suicide attacks had been foiled since Abu Mazen's Aqaba declaration. The international blah-blahs don't notice them at all, just like they don't notice Kassam rockets fired on Sderot and barely noticed the 2 Fatah/Hamas attacks on the IDF that immediately followed the supposed ceasefire declaration.

I had spent the afternoon (working) in a quiet cafe downtown near the Eastern end of Yafo Rd (the bombing was at the Western end of Yafo). I got into a taxi in front of the Mashbir dept. store around 17:30. My spouse T. called a few minutes after I got home and told me about the attack. T. didn't sound concerned as she knows that I generally don't ride the buses.

The bombing happened at the bus stop in front of the "Clal building" - which is an unattractive mall + office tower that's adjacent to the Mahane Yehuda market. It houses the gov't unemployment office and Macabi health services.

Monday, June 09, 2003

So far no sign that the Palestinian "roadmap" commitments are anything other than a sham .... "Five Israelis and five Palestinians were killed Sunday in two Palestinian-initiated attacks on Israeli targets" (report). A friend of Harry's was moderately injured in one of the attacks.
Tonite at the Israel Festival, Daniel Zamir played an outstanding concert with his NYC group Satlah and a 5-piece saxophone section. Zamir, a fresh-faced 24 yr. old, has swapped the Bat-Ayin look that he had on his latest CD for Habad hasidic garb.

John Zorn cancelled his appearance at the last minute, and his composition Cobra was perfomed last night without him. It's not obvious to me that it would have made much difference had Zorn himself done the prompting. His replacement was a skinny guy in black jeans and black tshirt who jumped around very energetically. The music didn't do much for me, but the crowd (who looked like they all came from Tel Aviv) were mostly appreciative.